Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was the Keynote speaker for ISTAS 2001 in Stamford, CT, and Brian was my amiable host. Recently, I was asked to prepare some notes on ethics for my professional society and I remembered most well my time at ISTAS so I started an internet search for its home page. My surprise and shock, as belated as it is, must be no different from that of his friends and colleagues at the time of his death, particularly if they had not known of his illness.

It’s been a while and I was trying to remember what it was that drew us together but drawn we were. A search through my archives indicates that it was slide rules and, perhaps, he introduced me to the Oughtred Society. [...] we sat together over dinner and chatted about my old “slippery stick.”

Lee Saperstein
Nantucket, MA

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